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Fantasy Sports Update! Featured By Sports Tech Now

HUNTINGTON, N.Y. Jan. 7, 2008 — An Early Edition Media, Inc. property made headlines to kick off the new year. An overview of Fantasy Sports Update! and interview with publisher Jason Molinet was featured recently on the site Sports Tech Now.

Sports Tech Now is a San Francisco-based blog devoted to the exploding online sports scene, offering up reviews of news and fan sites. Click here to see the story.

Fantasy Sports Update! was created by avid gamers for fantasy sports fans of all ages and experience levels. Update! aims to become a destination for fantasy fans everywhere. Not only can gamers find the latest fantasy-related news and advice from a knowledgeable staff of insiders, but they can share their thoughts in forums. "Where fans meet" is our motto. Unlike other fantasy sports sites, Update! wants to engage in a daily dialogue with readers, help foster debate and give gamers an edge.


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